Favourite OPI Polishes for the Autumn


Colour Shift | Green to Plumb

Goodbye summer hello autumn. So, it’s officially the first day of autumn in the UK and even though I still have some faded tan line marks, I have to accept it and pack away my sandals, switch out my nail polish colours for the season.

On the plus side, I get to shop my stash of nail polishes and do a bit of capsule wardrobe shopping and organising.

In my ‘Up Close and Colourful’ and ‘Ways To | Organise Your Beauty Products’ blog posts, you can see I love wearing nail polish. I can remember when I first seriously started wearing and collecting nail polish, I would only wear brown grey-white or nude. Several years and a few polishes later, I have a wider colour palette to choose from.

I remember my very first OPI polishes. I bought two colours. ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ a taupe, grey mauve and ‘Ginger Bells’ a rusty brown orange. It was autumn and at the time interesting and unusual colours like brown and grey were just trending. OPI was one of the first brands to make these colours cutting edge and fashionable.

I’m a bit predictable when choosing colours. Brighter in the summer and darker more muted shades in the colder months. One routine I like to stick to and works for me is wearing a lighter colour in the beginning of the week then onto a darker shade toward the weekend. By choosing different colours and polishes, I make sure I alternate the brands I have in my collection. That way I get to try more polishes ofcourse.

Why I chose OPI? For me, I have always bought drugstore brand polishes for years, and I still do. But if I want a reliable polish that lasts a reasonable amount of time, applies well and doesn’t chip as fast so far OPI is one of my go-to brands I reach out for.

When it comes to colour trends, my two favourite colours are green and purple. Those are the colours I see to have gravitated to and have the most off from OPI.

Over the years when the nail polish subject would come up in conversation, I would always get asked the following and most common questions:

Q: My polish always chips. What base/top coat do you use or recommend?

A: OPI base coat for natural nails and for top coat Out the Door by INM.

Q: How many polishes do you actually have?

A: I stopped counting years ago. I have also been asked do I have a spreadsheet of my polishes? The answer is no by the way but almost considered it.

Q: Who do you go to have your nails done?

A: I paint them myself. This is a nice compliment that I look like I have had a professional manicure!

Here are some of the OPI polishes I have and will be wearing in the autumn months.

Greens – Left to right: My Dogsled is a Hybrid | I’m Sooo Swamped | Don’t Mess with The OPI | Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window | Green on the RunwayPlumbs – left to right: Skating on Thin Iceland | Get Cherried Away | I Manicure for Beads | OPI Scores a Goal | Kermit Me to Speak.

What will be your go-to nail polish colour or beauty brand this fall/autumn season? 

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Latest autumn collection OPI | INM Out the Door Top Coat.

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