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Isabel Fletcher | Beneath the Surface Collection

When you mix recycled carpet underlay with fashion, what do you have? A conceptual collection from up and coming designer and artist Isabel Fletcher.

This was my first time seeing the designer from Leeds University latest collection titled ‘Beneath the Surface’ at the Animali Domestici Italian Arts & Design Studio in Brixton, London.
Acoustic music accompanied the dancer’s contemporary dance performance. There seem to be more and more designers embracing the crossover between different disciplines and incorporating alternative design techniques into their collections.  The dancers who wore the collection, showed in their contemporary art dance performance, how surprisingly flexible the clothing was to move in.

By incorporating the chairs, as part of the collection showed the idea of creating the same material from upholstery, didn’t seem like a far-fetched idea after all.An interesting mix of texture, shape, furniture design and performance. The carefully considered pieces of clothing were stitched together with materials of underlay, mesh and soft fabrics.

For the high street, this collection seems impractical to wear, I do believe there are some interesting concepts and ideas that can be drawn from Isabel’s clothing.

I honestly had no preconceptions about what to expect from Isabel’s collection, but I was pleasantly surprised how much attention to detail and thought went into not only the making of the clothes but also the presentation.

For more information: Isabel Fletcher


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