End of the Day Routine


Cat, Beverages & Music

Unless you are fortunate to do a job which isn’t stressful, unwinding at the end of the day can be in itself stressful.

Going, to be honest here. I want to say I have a healthy way I relax when unwinding down, but that wouldn’t be me or honest. I do have a painless quick fix immediate mini routine I always unconsciously do to wipe away the stress of the working day that isn’t harmful or too taxing.


I travel a lot, using public transport can push anyone’s patience to the limit. I cannot live without music. Not exaggerating. I had withdrawn symptoms immediately when on a train commute to work and my earphones decided to die on me. I could feel the stress levels rise. No wonder everyone is in their own music bubble. Earphones in, volume high.


This is the only time of year where I drink more tea and hot chocolate than any other time, my excuse. It’s winter, it’s cold over here. I try to keep it down to the bare minimum.

Our Cat Bee

As soon as I put the key in the keyhole, our Bee jumps onto the dining table to begin her own routine of greeting me. A few head-butts and meowing later, you quickly realise she is a smart kitty. This routine although nice has a hidden agenda. She wants her food!

Ten years old, Bee is part Tonkinese. I ‘ve known her for at least six years now. She is crazy, affectionate and sometimes clingy. She is the first part of the end of the day routine I look forward to when I get home.

What is are the three things you must do when you need to relax after work?


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