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When a plain doughnut just won’t do

If the sight of these photos doesn’t make you want one or get you giddy with excitement, then there must be something terribly wrong.

I remember the days when you were limited to a small choice of doughnuts when I was little, and I was very grateful for having those choices I can tell you.

Today, there is so many complimentary flavour combination available and sink your teeth into can be overwhelming. The only limitation is your imagination. Thankfully there are plenty of bakeries and specialist doughnut creators internationally I have yet to discover who can bake these doughnuts well.

Not only the combination of flavours interesting and enticing, but there are also many ways you can decorate, glaze, sprinkle and dip a doughnut.

Above: Dough Doughnuts – New York Yes, we will cross town to Crosstown Doughnuts, great selection and they keep adding new recipes and flavours.  Closer to home, the doughnut craze is also apparent. In London, Dum Dums and Crosstown Doughnuts are popular with a coffee. Dum Dums Doughnuts have their take on the cronut called The Zebra.When I was in New York last year talking about the places to eat in the blog post ‘New York Take Out Take Away’, I was determined to stop by Dough Doughnuts in New York. This approximately 6 inch in diameter doughnut will not disappoint. I recommend the lemon poppy seed or salted chocolate caramel.

It seems that it is not just the appearance and flavours that make these doughnuts scrumptious, but how they are baked.

The original cronut, in London, created by Dominique Ansell Bakery has a croissant consistency with many layers making this a lighter way to enjoy your doughnut.

Hungry yet? I’m sure there are hundreds of doughnut bakeries internationally I haven’t even addressed here.

If you could share your favourite places to buy your doughnuts let us know in the comments which are your favourites? Thanks.


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