Dining with Jasmine & Melissa


Summer Dining with Hemsley & Hemsley at Selfridges

The idea of making healthy food tasty is great if you have control of the ingredients and cook at home. The real test is when you are on the go temptation to grab a quick greasy sweet treat is only a few steps away.

So, having another healthier option at the Hemsley & Hemsley is greatly welcomed. Like most supper events I have attended recently like ‘The Social Supper’ and ‘Two Suppers | One Brunch’ for example, there was no indication what we were about to eat until we arrived.On the third floor, the café is tucked away with the capacity to seat comfortably 35-40 people. Designed in a hotel, tropical lobby style you would find in say the Maldives or Thailand. The café is small but light and airy considering it is a unit within a department store.

Adding hanging plants adds a nice touch, making you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive.

The Menu

Welcome Drink

Blueberry, lime, and lavender vodka cocktail or mocktail.

A shot of Hemsley’s chicken and beef (AKA cheef!) bone broth, slow cooked with miso.


Muhammara with carrot and flax crackers – Spicy red pepper and walnut dip

Piri-Piri chicken wings – with sriracha, cultured ketchup and a wedge of lime


Salmon Burger in a flaxseed bun

or Feta black bean burger in a flaxseed bun

Feta black bean burger in a flaxseed bun

or Lamb Koftas

Served with: Trombetta courgette, peach, and pesto salad

Squash and spiralised beetroot noodle salad

Green leaf salad


Strawberry almond tart or

Caramelised honeymoon melon with coconut yogurt

After dinner drinks

Pep-Up Tea A zippy finish with turmeric, ginger, and cayenne or


Fresh mint tea.

Once Jasmine and Melissa had arrived, they both went around each table to talk to everyone about how the food and what we enjoyed on the menu. After talking to everyone about the ideas behind the menu, what ingredients they used, opportunities to receive personal signed messages in the front inside pages of their cookbooks and group photos.

What I was surprised me the most was the generous portions and the variety on the menu. I think my favorites on the menu was the Blueberry, lime, and lavender vodka cocktail/mocktail and the Caramelised honeymoon melon with coconut yogurt dessert. Both captured the end of summer, lazy days on a beach or pool watching the sunset.

A great evening on a Tuesday night. I had a great time trying out some Jasmine and Melissa’s favorite recipes and meeting the staff at the café.

Thank you to Selfridges, Jasmine, Melissa and the staff at Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe for arranging a wonderful supper.


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