Dining in Style | at the Lure Fish Kitchen


London NW5

Long gone are the days of faded tiles and the smell of old chip fat filling the air. Not a sign of a greasy fish and chips at the Lure Fish Kitchen. This recently discovered restaurant in north London is a modern and industrial take on eating seafood.

Open high exposed ceilings which I love seeing when I dine makes a more relaxed atmosphere. The furniture a mixture of wooden and cast iron gives the feeling of an old established business but without the stuffiness. By adding a contrasting accent colour of dark grey alongside stark white painted walls, works well and balances the space.

The temptation and mistake with most restaurants is to cram as many chairs and tables as possible. Lure has understood less is more keeping the space as open as possible is more of a welcoming experience.

A stark contrast from when I was little and my Mother and I went to our local fish and chip shop, which was badly lit, oily smelly and stained walls. Not a pleasant environment. Most of the time we preferred to take away our food and bring it home rather than spending time in the fish and chip shop staring at the vinegar condiments and the peeling poster ads on the walls.

Fast forward to today, I am glad that more and more fish restaurants are taking the time to think more about how their interiors should look and feel when designing a place where people actually want to stay and eat in.Seating: I like that not all of the chairs match, but still work together. A mixture of large tables and benches gives the customer more choice where they want to sit. Metal Wood chairs continue the industrial style throughout.

Lighting: Metal battleship grey lamps shades in different styles. If you have industrial metal lighting under exposed extractor pipes, you have impressed me already, but done well of course.

Graphics: Menus have come a long way from wipe down laminated, badly designed A4 photocopied sheets of paper. Attention to details is key. Love the simple yet effective Lure menu on brown paper then clipped on to a wooden clipboard. For me choosing the wrong type face can make or break a menu design.

The feature wall continues the graphic design message of what produce Lure have on offer. Organic, fresh fish and high quality. No more chipped or cracked mismatching plates here. Square white plates look so much better.

Yep, I’m hooked. Lure has lured me in hook and line. An inexpensive pleasant place to eat on a Sunday before we went to our screen print ‘Colour Splash’ workshop. We will definitely be stopping by again in the near future.

Tell me two fish and chip restaurants that you wish to visit or would highly recommend?


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