Creative Planting In the Urban Jungle


Interesting ways to incorporate plants into the city

hidden-jungle-v4 hidden-jungle-v3Up down, all around. Plants are all around us. For those in the city either have a garden, courtyard or a balcony if we are lucky. Space is at a premium. We barely have space for ourselves, let alone plants.

Even though I love the idea of living in the countryside with lots of plants and greenery around me, I have to be true to myself. I am one of those people who fantasises of having a garden with a few wild plants to prune now and again. Maximum effect, minimum effort.hidden-jungle-v9hidden-jungle-v15Internal conservatories where there is limited space, vines growing up narrow passageways and narrow areas of the city make interesting wall foliage. No space on the ground, then the only way is up!hidden-jungle-v7 hidden-jungle-v1What I enjoy most, is the interesting ways plants are used as part of interior design and exterior design today. Adding colour, lightening and texture around the plants give full effect at night as well as in the day.

I do like plants, living all my life in a city has it’s restrictions, especially for that designing and incorporating plants and landscaping for a concrete city. The reality is,  finding the time to garden to upkeep is another matter.
hidden-jungleWhen careful consideration about how to design and incorporate plants into our everyday environment is thought out, that could only be a good thing.

How do you see plants being incorporated in your everyday? Not that important, why? Would love to read your comments below.


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