Copper Charm


Autumn warm metallics with copper tones


As we say goodbye to the long summer days, some might be glad to feel cooler and long for those cosier darker nights and to begin revamping their homes.

Not a fan of gold, I prefer silver, tarnished pewter and chrome when it comes to fashion and interior design. But now and again I like to see some copper to style and give a contemporary space slightly aged feel which I like about copper.

This angle pose table lamp is a great way to bring the copper charm into the home without dominating the room.

Copper-Charm-v2 Copper-Charm-v4

If a lamp is not what you want this little milk jug or chopping board with a copper accent could be the way forward to introducing copper into your interior design style.


With the leaves and season changes, I have been greatly influenced by the season colours. By the time you have read this blog post I would have revisited New York and Toronto, I know colours sounds and texture will greatly influence what I do to my home to restyle the rooms in our home.

If you want to add copper to your interior space, but was sure where to begin, I always would advise starting with the accessories you use regularly

Magazines like Suitcase Magazine are a great source of inspiration not only fashion and travel, but I enjoy looking at other countries style when it comes to copper inspiration.

Will you be turning to copper when you redesign your living space? Or is it not your style? If you love copper, want to try a new look let me know in the comments what you will be buying for your home.


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