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Screen Printing with Kangan Arora at Future & Found

The great thing about design is being able to express yourself with no restrictions or rules. Also, it’s a great way to escape from the everyday restraints of life.

Even if you not very creative, finding a way to express yourself is very important to me as I don’t get a chance to do so in my day job. So why not take up a screen printing workshop to get those creative ideas envisaged?

The screen printing workshop class with Textile Designer Kangan Arora hosted by Future & Found was a great way to creatively express yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

The two-hour session consists of a basic run through of screen printing, cutting the stencil and applying the paint. We were taken through each step after we had a chance to get some inspiration from some design reference books which were selected.

With time not on our side, a tea towel was small enough, manageable flat surface to work with. My freestyle screen print – Vivid orange and dark forest green.It was interesting to see the other guests at the workshop, tackling the same screen printing instructions differently. Some used objects around them to draw perfect geometric shapes. Whilst others focused on characters and colour ways on their tea towels.

It had been years since I last screen printed, and the techniques were still the same. Once you had mastered how much paint to apply and what patterns worked best, you felt more confident with each paint application.

I decided with most creative processes not to be rigid with my ideas and decided to freestyle my pattern. When it came to the end result, it looked like I subconsciously was influenced by the plants in the studio and the birds in the sky. For me not over thinking the design works best for me.

I think I will definitely be looking at designing more complicated patterns to screen print in the future.

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Kangan Arora | Future & Found


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