Burgers to Dip & Flip


A different way to eat your burger and fries


Liked one customer review that described south London is being Shoreditched.

With this already flooded market of who can out trend each other with a gourmet burger, I felt in some cases it was similar to already inventing the wheel. How many other ways can you make a meat patty in a bun?

With more and more burger joints popping up over London for a few years now, even though I love a good burger, even I am starting to get blasé about the gourmet burger craze.

Where can a restaurant go and do with a burger? The only way I see it is to make it tasty and don’t skimp on ingredients, flavour and garnishes.

Noticed Dip & Flip on the high Street for a while, didn’t know anything about them. Wasn’t convinced that dipping an already messy burger into gravy would work.

DipFlip-Burger-v4DipFlip-MilkshakeDip-and-Flip-Burger-Place-V6Dip-and-Flip-Burger-Place-V7The Food

I opted for the bacon cheeseburger. It had the pickle, American cheese, bacon as well as coleslaw, with the traditional brioche bun. I thought it was a heavier and moist burger which wasn’t a bad thing. One of my pet beefs (pardon the pun) that burger joints, insist on putting a slice of tomato inside the burger. Haven’t got anything personal against tomatoes, just thinking it makes the burger wetter and takes up too much space. So was glad to see Dip & Flip choose not to include it.

I did dip the burger in the gravy on occasion, a bit of a novelty, a gimmick I feel. The flavour of the gravy wasn’t bad, just felt it wasn’t necessary or complimentary to everything on the menu.

The season fries, in my opinion, were best without the extras, you could choose from squeeze cheese to gravy. A bit too much and felt drowned the flavour of the fries.

If a burger is too much or heavy for you, they have a patty melt as well as light options on the menu, which is a burger smashed down into a sandwich with similar components to the burger. Probably also easier to dip into the gravy with.


The Décor

The branch I went to had up-cycled wooden school chairs with distressed legs. Each had wording on the back, which I’m not too clear on the message or meaning. But looked good, set against wooden floors and exposed brickwork.

Towards the back, there were more seating and retro-modern take on American diner lounge seating. On the walls graphic 50’s inspired ladies making references to dipping gravy.

From a design point of view, don’t think the illustrations worked, the references, reminders of the kind of place you were eating in wasn’t called for, and thought it was a bit tacky.

I did like the light and airy feel to the space, and it was good to see they didn’t fall into the American diner style/trap cliché of red seating and 50’s music playing in the background.

I did like Dip and Flip, but wasn’t the best burger I have had. Just different. They did get the combinations of flavours and garnishes right, just don’t think the dip/gravy part was necessary.

In the comments let me know, what burger places do you recommend, and what made them special?


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