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Photography Exhibition | Photoville Brooklyn – New York

If you ever get the chance to go to Photoville in Brooklyn NY it’s a great way to see new experimental artists and photographers displaying their work. The large shipping containers is a very portable solution, and possible a more inexpensive exhibition to manage. Free with the optional donation the annual photographic Photoville is now getting ready its 6th year at Brooklyn Bridge Park next month.

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I was last in New York. I’m already planning when I will be returning. Even though I had a great time, there is never going to be enough days/time to see all of the places I wanted to visit in the big apple. But even the little time we had Photoville was one of the must do and see in Brooklyn.

Continuing the topic from the last blog post ‘On the Menu’ where I attending an Instagram masterclass. If like me you not only like taking photos, but also like seeing other photographer’s work whilst visiting New York in September.

As well as the photographer’s work, there is a beer garden, workshops and talks to partake in, you have great views not only of the east river nearby in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn but the exhibition is under the Brooklyn Bridge.

The photographer’s work was varied from live installation pieces to thought provoking subjects and messages. Each shipping container housed a photographer’s gallery of photos, which gave each container a different feel depending on how each space was curated.

You wouldn’t think a shipping container would have anything to offer as a gallery space. But thinking about it, as well as being very spacious, you don’t have to worry about redecorating the walls with white emulsion or where the lighting will go. Some of the photographers and artists definitely used the shipping crate environment to enhance the user experience which I appreciate.

There was so much to see it might be advisable to revisit on more than one occasion to truly see every photographer’s work displayed.

If visiting New York – Manhattan and want to do something different than the traditional art galleries I would highly recommend Photoville, great exhibition and experience.

Information: Photoville 2016 | The next Photoville will be 13th – 24th September 2017 Brooklyn Bridge Park – New York


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