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Wondering what makeup to bring with you on your trip? Do you really need more than one perfume? As tempting as it was to take several eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks along on my trip. I had, to be honest with myself. Did I use all of my makeup when I last travelled? The answer was simple. No, I did not.

Deciding how much stuff you should actually pack can be overwhelming. Ask yourself. Is it necessary to bring enough makeup for a small village when only a few basic essentials will do?Left to right: Becca | Ever-Matte Poreless | OPI – My Pal Joey (Hello Kitty Collection) |  Diptyque – Philosykos | Charlotte Tilbury – Legendary Lashes.If you are anything like me, you want to take with your entire makeup collection. But with airport travel liquid restrictions, we are going to have to be smarter what we take with us and what we actually are wearing on a daily basis on our holidays.

It came down to the same basic makeup I always use even when I wasn’t on holiday.

When you have to catch that early morning flight, the time for me to do a full face of makeup isn’t an option. So, keeping things simple is always the best advice when choosing what makeup to pack.Far right: Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz & Dipbrow PomadeDo you really need more than one perfume? I choose the Diptique Philosykos as it works well as a day or evening scent.

Breaking it down to essentials. For me, I need concealer and a matt primer and powder, or I will end up looking like a hot mess by the end of the day.

I know after travelling long distances I look tired, so packing concealers is a must. Been loving the NARS creamy concealers for some time. Now NARS have added the soft matt version, which I love to apply on top of their smudge proof eyeshadow base to my oily eyelids.

Keeping things in ones and twos. I follow this rule which cuts down on weight and indecisiveness on what to wear and when on holiday.

So, do you think you can survive with the bare minimum makeup and what to bring on holiday?

What are the top six essential makeup products you have to bring with you on your trip?


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