Art of Gift Giving with Jo Malone London


At Grosvenor House Suites | Jumeirah Living & House & Garden

12 days to Christmas Eve, and the excitement or dread is fast approaching. Getting some ideas on how to gift or present your dinner table for when friends and family come over for Christmas shouldn’t be a scary prospect. But where do you start? A good place is to check out some of the past gift Idea posts like, ‘Little Shop of Jo Malone’.

On a crisp sunny winter’s morning Jasmin and I were invited by Jo Malone London and House & Garden Magazine, to try out the Christmas Limited edition collection over brunch at Grosvenor House Suites, Corner of Park Lane and Mount Street in central London.Like me, you probably apply your perfume the same way, on yourself. But we can also use fragrances our home in other ways too. As well as the famous candles that Jo Malone has, they do linen spays which can be applied to towels, bed linen and tablecloths. Room diffusers that fill a room for hours with scent.Emma South: Fragrance & Lifestyle Expert at Jo Malone.Some great advice was given by fragrance and lifestyle expert Emma South from Jo Malone. Emma talked about the different ways you apply and combine Jo Malone fragrances at home.

A good tip Emma mentioned was to entice your guests with. For example, the fragrant limited edition Jo Malone Bitter Orange Cologne or Pine & Eucalyptus Room Spray in the air would be very complementary to any Christmas occasion.Why not gently apply a fine mist of Jo Malone to your present’s wrapping paper, Christmas cards to give that something extra when your friends open on Christmas day. It’s all about the senses, capturing the moments over the holidays. On the right House & Garden editor: Laura Houldsworth.

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As well as spending a relaxed afternoon at Grosvenor House Suites, I took away some great advice on how to use and combine the colognes I have in my ‘Little Shop of Jo Malone’ stash at home.

Feeling in the festive mood? If you have some more gifts to search for, why not shop the blog/event for some Jo Malone gift ideas.

Thank you to:

House & Garden, Grosvenor House Suites by Jumeirah Living and Jo Malone London for a wonderful afternoon.


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