All Decked Out | White Post Café


Hackney Wick

One of the great things about living in a city is you get to find another café discovery. I have made it a point to find a place in London, visit that place, check out the cafes, restaurants and shops of course and then go back and rediscover all over again.When I last visited Hackney, I have to say it was many years ago, I can’t recall any particular memory of the area.

My cousin from Toronto, flew into London for an event and called upon my photography skills to help assist him with an event he was hosting at the White Post Café in Hackney Wick, it was not only an opportunity to revisit this area again, but to check out another café with interesting décor which I’m partial to.

There are good uses of large caster wheels and plinths/crates as coffee tables. These tables work well with concrete flooring and wooden decking throughout. By adding paint or a stain brings this upcycled style a relaxed industrial yet has a nautical vibe.

Next door to the White Post Café there is an impressive double height warehouse conservatory which has an area for relaxing and playing table tennis. There were plenty of places to have a bit of peace and quite or the option to soak up the sun on the deck outside with your friends.

The decking theme continues throughout the space and having a mixture of heavy industrial mismatching furniture and wood could only work well proportionally in a large space like this.

Too many times I have seen badly designed cafés laid out with no thought, or consideration of the style, space or comfort for the customers. I know this type of industrial café interior trend has been played out so many times. But what I love about this style and café it has that feeling of being permanent and temporary at the same time.

When it comes to interior design I’m happy to say, White Post Café has got it right.

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