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With Aesop | Jo Malone | Rituals | Chanel & Cowshed

The weekend is finally here. With a hectic schedule, especially this time of the year, it becomes increasingly difficult to find me time to sit still and just relax. If like me your mind and body have been racing, too much to juggle and not enough time either.

I’m now wanting to slow things a bit and the best and easy way to do this is to pamper myself. December is most likely be the busiest time for most people and slowing down is the last thing we try to do. I need to do this more so my quick fix is for me I like to splash out a bit more now and again with bath and shower products.

Since my skin issues which I mentioned in the blog post ‘Loving Right Now | Crèmes Lotions & Balms’ have now cleared, I have been focusing on my skin pamper routine too. Just keeping my skin happy and paying more attention to what my skin needs.As well as trying to drink more water, I realise that the lotions I have used for many years were ok to still use on my skin, but just weren’t retaining moisture in my skin.

With the colder months, I have found using cleansers like Aesop Rose by Any Other Name over several weeks have made a big difference, as I found my skin was still dry after I bathed or showered. After using the Aesop cleanser, I then would use a shower oil on damp skin. There are plenty of inexpensive shower oils on the market, but I have been loving the Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin shower oil for an extra mid-week pamper experience. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Body Moisture. Matched with the Chance EDT this is a great evening luxury treat for the skin.The other brand that I haven’t tried before and are known for their great shower and bath products is from the brand Rituals. I picked up their Ayurveda foaming shower gel, which I have yet to properly use. Great smell so I will be looking forward to more pamper days to come.If you want to go another step like I do, I also add the Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Body Crème for that extra fragrance intensity.

One brand and product that I have been enjoying for a while is Cowshed’s Knackered Cow | Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel. If you love lavender but not a strong overpowering version of lavender, then this one is smell friendly. This one has the benefits of use in the bath or shower, I prefer soaking in the bath with this one as it is more relaxing.

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Whatever you are doing over the coming weeks, I do urge you to take some time out for yourself, however small amount of time you have. So, let’s get to pampering and chilling.


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