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Milkwood Candle Workshop at Forest London | Deptford

If you have read and followed me on social media lately I have been going to quite a few workshops. Check out ‘Lifestyle | Do’ to see what I have been creating.

There is plenty of lovely smelling candles out there to choose from and have a small collection. As I am on a workshop journey lately, the Milkwood Candle workshop hosted by Forest London in Deptford, was a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to learn the craft of candle making and candle pouring.

Everyone likes to be aware of their environment and more and more of us are paying more attention to what we consume and what we use in our homes. So, it’s no surprise homeware, fashion and décor also address the question of ingredients in our products.

Milkwood believes that using paraffin in the home has a direct impact on our health and environment. Their candles contain simple ingredients and materials to make a more environmentally friendlier candle to use.

— an apothecary jar

— a cotton wick

— sustainable soy wax

— pure aromatherapy-grade essential oil.After at least 30 minutes deciding which fragrance oils would work well together, the decision on how much of each to mix had to be concerned. My three choices were cedarwood 2ml, lemon 4ml, and basil 4ml.

As well as mixing the oils together, I learned which out of the oils was the strongest smelling (cedarwood) and decided to reduce the amount I wanted to add to the soy wax to get my desired fragrance.Also, learned which citrus worked with which wood. And that some favorite smells I love in my own beauty, body care products, don’t necessarily work well as standalone fragrances but better mixed with other fragrance oils.

After we completed testing on paper, adding the wick and labels to our candle jars, I found once mixed in the beaker provided, I could truly smell the three oils working together.

Once stirred and the warm soy wax was added and poured into our apothecary jars, we had to let the wax settle and harden for at least 24 hours.

Sadly, as we only had a limited amount of time, there wasn’t enough setting time so I had to leave my little creation behind. Milkwood was kind enough to wait for them to set and will be sending my custom-made candle in the post soon.

I think even if you have no idea how to make a candle, attending a workshop like this is a great way to introduce yourself to the craft of candle making and learn about combining fragrances.

Thank you to Milkwood and Forest London for hosting this workshop.

For more information:

Why Milkwood doesn’t use paraffin wax or fragrance oils – click here.

Milkwood | Forest London.


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